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For your marketing work to be truly effective you need talented media specialists, designers and digital wizards, but also strategists who possess a thorough knowledge of marketing principles, know the tricks of the trade, can create a strategy based on research and are well equipped to take corresponding tactical steps.


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Mirjam Lauringson
Mirjam Lauringson

Mirjam Lauringson

Marketing Consultant

✆ +372 5194 1629

Mirjam has a degree in International Economics and Business Administration (cum laude) and has completed a training course taught by award-winning columnist and professor Mark Ritson (Marketing Week Mini MBA in Marketing, class of 2016 & Marketing Week Mini MBA in Brand Management, class of 2019). Mirjam is a marketing professional with over fifteen years of experience in Estonia and Ireland, having worked not only in the consumer goods industry but also in the B2B and luxury sector.

Mirjam Lauringson
Mirjam Lauringson

Andres Didrik


✆ +372 552 1608

Andres has studied Semiotics and Culturology, but his real passion is design. For the past 10 years Andres has done design work for the leading newspaper in Estonia, Postimees. Advises businesses on their visual identity and marketing materials.

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